Our medium is photography as interpreted through a digital 'brush'.  Some of our favorite sources for inspiration are nature (the garden is always a rich source), architectural elements & cityscapes taken from our travels, and the beauty found in the wonders of engineering.  We are fond of exploring the balance between natural and constructed forms, reflections that soften or enrich underlying architectural elements, and always playing with color and light.  We strive for an energy that moves static forms into dynamic ones.

Wayne Addington Images is a collaboration between Charles Addington Miller and Wayne Scott Cooley.  Chuck is the creative driving force who is responsible for the digital artistry found in these images.  Both of us shoot our source photographs.  Chuck was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and Scott’s roots are found in Southern California.  In 2012, we moved to Bahama, NC—just north of Durham.  While photography has been an avocation for both of us for many years, the move to create new art from photographs came with the move to digital media.  Some older photographs have been converted to digital forms and we’ve found new inspiration in some scenes we first experienced over 30 years ago.  Inspiration can also be as recent as yesterday’s trip to the Farmer’s Market in Durham, a walk in the garden or a drive down the road.

Our images are available in multiple media—canvas mounts, fine art paper, photo and metallic finishes.  Images are also available in many different sizes, limited principally by the size of the underlying image.  When you see product names or business names in our images, they are there because they were in the original photos we took.  Products and businesses are not the subject of the image.  We do not endorse these products.  They are simply images that are out there for anyone to encounter.  They are a part of our culture. 

We hope that you will enjoy the playful mix of color, form, light, and structure infused with the energy that we find so common throughout the world around us.  We believe that life holds all these things in a rich balance and our art seeks to explore and celebrate it.  We hope you enjoy!

Chuck & Scott